Tribal baby face Key ring holder

Key ring holder with tribal baby face

Rs. 1000.00


The handcrafted artwork is crafted by multi award winning artisan. This gem of artwork is luxurious, exquisite, fancy and thoughtful gift for almost anyone. The tribal tales presenting handcrafted tribal art made with bellmetal, Tribal baby face key ring holder. This key ring holder is crafted with the thought of reminding people of children awaiting their arrival back at home safely. We all have someone waiting for us at home anxiously witing for our arrival so they can play or spend some quality time with us. this baby face mask is a reminder so whenever you take your keys out to go for a drive, drive safely and carefully cause there is someone waiting for you to come back home.

Dimensions:- 17cm X 10cm X 3cm

This product is 100% handcrafted using recyclable metal and hence there will be some minor differences in each piece, either is shape, design, weight or finishing. If in case you would like to get your own customised version, please feel free to contact us via email.

care instruction
Dhokra craft and bell metal pieces are casted in brass metal which only requires gentle removal of dust. please see our blog to find out how to take care of dhokra artifacts.