Panchuram Sagar

Panchuram Sagar

Panchuram Sagar
Bachelor of Arts


International Award- 2015 (Artigiano in fiera award in Milan, Italy)
National Award (Ministry of textiles)- 1999 (for crafting the cart of Goddess Budhi mata)
State Award- 1999 (for crafting male and female face mask of the Dandami tribals)
Kala shri award- 2005 (Surajkund Mela, India)
Kala mani award- 2006 (Surajkund Mela, India)
Member of (Export promotion council for handicrafts) EPCH Delegation of craftsmen- 2005 (Fort de France, Martinique)
Participated in International exhibitions - South Africa (2004), Germany (2006), United Kingdom (2007), France (2007), Italy (2015), United Arab Emirates (2015)
Along with many other local and inter- state exhibitions and fairs.

About the Artist

Mr Panchuram Sagar received the knowledge and experience in dhokra craft in heritage as it was the traditional/ancestral work within family. However he started working full time in the craft making since 1976. Traditionally dhokra craft in Bastar region was used in creation of jewellery or idols. The credit of shifting the traditional trends in the craft goes to Mr Sagar who shared his knowledge and experiences of  various International trips and knowledge attained. This shift in trend resulted in not only improving the quality and durability of the craft, but it also made the craft attractive. Mr sagar is also the innovator who started using new techniques to polish the dhokra craft items to eliminate or minimise the original dull tint and shred his